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We provide hearing services to all ages, including hearing tests, hearing aid sales and service, noise and water protection, etc.
When you come to BRC Family Hearing Solutions you will be greeted by our happy and friendly front office staff.

There is a small amount intake paperwork, so arriving a few minutes early is encouraged. Once you have completed the intake forms an Audiologist will lead you and your family to the evaluation room.


Audiology is a branch of science that focuses on hearing and balance and their related disorders.

A professional who works in the area of audiology is titled an Audiologist. The primary focus of an audiologist is to measure and identify hearing loss and provide rehabilitation to those who have hearing disorders.

The profession of audiology had a burst of development during the 1940's when soldiers returned from WWII with hearing loss due to the excessive noise exposure. The field had since been ever growing and constantly developing. Audiologists are able to evaluate the hearing of individuals aging from newborns to geriatrics.


  • Hearing Evaluations
  • Hearing Aid Fittings and Services
  • Custom Ear Products
  • ENG
  • Batteries


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