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Although the town had its booms & busts, there has always been a handful who believed in South Pass City. The Friends of South Pass are today's true believers.

Founded in 1976 The Friends of South Pass are a non-profit committed to preserving the rich history of South Pass City. The Friends of South Pass volunteer, host events & support the historic site financially, making sure South Pass City’s future is bright.

We would like to invite you to become a member of
The Friends of South Pass & help us preserve South Pass City!

Founded in the Gold Rush of 1986 South Pass City exploded into life. 2000 people called the place home - briefly! Miners dreamed of riches waiting to be panned from the creeks & hillsides. What they found was wind, snow & the trials of life on the frontier. Most left as quickly as they came, butt some stayed behind & made a life along the banks of Willow Creek. Mining, ranching & mercantile kept the place going. Their tenacity left behind one of the most authentic gold mining towns in the American west.

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