Grub's Drive-in



About Us

Grub's Drive In was established in 1946 by Nick Grub Skorup with the help of his family. After World War II his mother and sisters did not want their only living son and brother to go to work in the mines, the only viable jobs available in Rock Springs at that time. So with their help he was able to open a hamburger stand on US 30. At that time the highway came through Rock Springs. Grub's is still family owned by Grub's son and daughter-in-law, Dave and Marcy Skorup.

They called the burger a Shamrock because they opened in the spring near St. Patrick's day, and the catchy name stuck. A Shamrock is 2 patties (1/4 lb total) with cheese and is served with fries. Many people enjoy our burgers with a thick creamy shake. Try the Shamrock shake, a cool minty treat! Another popular favorite of our customers is the brown gravy for the fries, but fry sauce has become a popular condiment.

Grub's also serves breakfast, a variety of sandwiches, and dinners. Homemade soup is offered daily along with homemade pies.


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