Mountainland Supply LLC

About Us

Mountainland Supply Company started in 1947 as Provo Plumbing and Heating Supply, the bustling metropolis of a postwar downtown Provo, Utah! Since then we have grown to 6 locations across the state and over 150 employees statewide.Our activities comprise the wholesale distribution of pipe, valves and fittings, plumbing supplies, waterworks piping, turf irrigation supplies, plumbing specialties, enameled ware, china fixtures, showers, water heaters, storage tanks, laundry trays, rubber goods and packing, steel pipe, ductile iron pipe and fittings, PVC pipe, welding fittings and flanges, etc. In 1977, we changed our name to Mountainland Supply Pipe and Plumbing Company, (which we shortened to Mountainland Supply Company in 1986). We take great pride in providing the best products to our customers, providing timely deliveries and always putting our customer?s needs first. We look forward to the future as we constantly implement new systems and technologies to continue to grow and serve!


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