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After more than 5 years of dedicated volunteer work as a chapter of the Mule Deer Foundation, Sweetwater County locals Joshua Coursey and Joey Faigl have parted ways with the national organization and have established a wholly Wyoming foundation for mule deer. The Muley Fanatic Foundation of Wyoming Inc., is a 501 (C) 3 non-profit organization, founded September 26, 2011

Despite breaking numerous records with the national organization and lifting the fund raising standard to never before seen levels within MDF, Coursey and Faigl along with the local dedicated volunteers felt that more could be done, particularly for Wyoming and its struggling mule deer herds.

?It really came down to just a couple of things. First and foremost was the recognition of the poor state of the Wyoming mule deer populations. Secondly was the remarkable amount of support we have experienced from the southwest Wyoming community. Coupled together, we saw a unique opportunity for us to elevate our efforts and commitment to continually strive to make a difference,? says Coursey.

Coursey and Faigl met with the Mule Deer Foundation executives early last fall to announce their departure from the national organization. The volunteers from the Rock Springs chapter have previously accounted for generating over $500,000 for MDF in the last five years.

Following the meeting with the national MDF office, Coursey and Faigl organized a meeting with the committee volunteers of the local chapter to share the news. At this encounter they found the support of...


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