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Northwest Community Action Programs (NOWCAP) of Wyoming, Inc. was incorporated in 1965 as one of the very first community action agencies in the country to combat poverty as part of the countries ''Great Society'' initiative launched during that time. Over the years NOWCAP of Wyoming, Inc. has grown and diversified into one of the more complex and multi-faceted human service agencies in Wyoming. NOWCAP is or has been the sponsoring agency for programs such as traditional, migrant, and early childhood Head Start, Foster Grandparent, Migrant Health, housing preservation, home weatherization and many others. Currently, NOWCAP of Wyoming, Inc. oversees six state and federal grant/fee for service programs in Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, Utah and Nebraska. The 50th Anniversary of NOWCAP of Wyoming, Inc. was celebrated in 2015.

NOWCAP of Wyoming, Inc. was selected in 1985 to become the exclusive provider of services for people with disabilities in Natrona County, Wyoming and thus NOWCAP Services was born. As the organization began to grow, new and different supportive services of the program were started. Examples of these include community based services, commercial ventures, community employment, residential support options and building natural supports in and around the community as a whole for people with disabilities.