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A little history...

The idea of an AM station began in William (Bill) Simms' mind in the 1960's, however with an extended freeze for new AM licenses by the FCC, KUGR would not be born until 1976. Bill applied, received the licensing and hired Al Harris to build and manage the station, as he was unable to move to Green River. Bill knew he had to start the call letters with a ''K'' and wanted to incorporate GR for Green River, so his daughter came up with KUGR (Cougar) and so it is now.

Al put the station on the air in June of '76 and bought Bill's ownership of KUGR in 1978. He also hired Julio Delgadillo to do a Sunday Spanish show in '78. Julio retired in 2010.

The Radio Network's General Manager/Sports Director, Steve Core, joined the staff in December of 1985. Al's wife, Faith, joined as Office Manager in March of 1986.

Ten years after KUGR was put on the air, a second station, KYCS, was born and the two became known as The Broadcast House. KYCS signed on October 1st 1986.

In September 1998, two stations became three and KFRZ the Freeze was put on the air. Shortly after the Freeze signed on, the Broadcast House moniker was replaced by The Radio Network.

As if Al and Faith didn't have enough on their plate, they decided to adopt another baby and KZWB The Big Dog signed on with The Radio Network in June of 2005.

In the summer of 2008 KUGR could be heard not only at 1490 AM, but on the FM dial at 104.9 as well.

? So here we are, The Radio Network family...still going strong and still accumulating projects.