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The J.R. Simplot Company is a privately held agribusiness firm headquartered in Boise,Idaho. It has an integrated portfolio that includes phosphate mining, fertilizer manufacturing,farming, ranching and cattle production, food processing, food brands, and other enterprisesrelated to agriculture. Simplot's major operations are located in the North America, Australia,New Zealand and China, with products marketed in more than 40 countries worldwide. The company?s mission statement is Bringing Earth?s Resources to Life.
SF Phosphates Plant Overview
Phosphate Ore
Once the phosphate rock slurry is received in Rock Springs, it is concentrated by removing a large portion of the water. As the phosphate rock is thickened it is prepared for the next phase of processing.
Sulfuric AcidMolten Sulfur is burned to provide three products: SO2 gas, heat and steam. Sulfur Dioxide gas is oxidized as it passes through catalyst beds and is converted to SO3, which is then absorbed in water to produce sulfuric acid H2SO4. Sulfuric acid is used as one of the ingredients with phosphate slurry to produce our fertilizer products. Heat is used to provide high pressure steam. The steam heats process streams throughout the plant and powers a turbine generator. The generator provides electricity for the entire plant and the excess is sold to the local power company.


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