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Soda ash
Tata Chemicals is the world's second largest producer of soda ash and the most geographically-diversified soda ash company. It has manufacturing facilities in India, the UK, the US and Kenya and an efficient supply chain that can service customers across the globe.
The company has a global capacity of around 5.5 million tonnes of soda ash per annum, of which 60 per cent is from natural deposits at Wyoming, USA and Lake Magadi, Kenya. Besides, the company owns 35 per cent of the global low-cost and sustainable natural soda ash capacity.

Product information
The soda ash product line consists of four categories:
Soda ash light
Soda ash dense
Soda ash medium dense
Soda ash granular

In the manufacture of glass, where it reduces the melting temperature of the sand used in glass formation and helps in the 'workability' or shaping of glass articles such as tableware and float glass.
In the making of soaps and detergents, where it is employed as a builder, or filler, to give a smoother surface.
In the production of chemicals such as sodium silicate, sodium bicarbonate and pecarbonate, sodium chromate and dichromate, etc.
In pulp and paper manufacture, water treatment, effluent treatment, metallurgy and drugs.