Travelodge Green River



About Us

After taking advantage of area activities and attractions like the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Reservoir, Sheep Creek, the Geological Loop, the White Mountain Petroglyphs, national historic trails, wild horse herds, Kayak Park, or Expedition Island, enjoy a restful night at the Oak Tree Inn. Our hotel is conveniently located just off I-80.
Our rooms are unique - they have been designed and constructed to provide you with an optimal sleep environment. This is accomplished by controlling the light, noise and temperature in the room. We do this?

by eliminating light from entering the room with the specially designed drapes closed
by eliminating noise from outside and other guest rooms by utilizing unique design and construction features
through HVAC units which will achieve your chosen temperature quickly and won't disrupt your sleep by cycling on and off
with natural sound therapy digital alarm clocks that function on your settings, not the previous guest's
We look forward to exceeding your expectations for cleanliness, friendliness, quality, and speed of service as we provide a superior rest environment that is attractive, well-maintained and secure at a fair price.