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Western Archaeological Services has been providing cultural resource management expertise for over 30 years in Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah and has decades of success providing clients with the technical services, reports, and agency consultation to meet the requirements of cultural resource laws and regulatory agencies at the local, state, and federal levels. With offices in Rock Springs, and Casper, Wyoming, Western Archaeological Services is uniquely qualified to provide a full range of services to assist industry in their compliance with historic preservation mandates. These services include Class I records search and report preparation, Class III cultural resource inventory, evaluative testing, and data recovery excavations. In addition to these services, a number of specialized analyses can be performed which include lithic, faunal and floral analysis, palynology, and geomorphology.
We also provide historic studies and evaluations by qualified historical consultants for those projects where significant historical resources are likely to be encountered. Our qualified historical consultants can perform historical and architectural significance evaluations, visual resource analysis, historic context development, archival and repository research, determinations of National Register eligibility and HABS/HAER documentation.
Western Archaeological Services has provided expertise for numerous projects ranging from individual well pads, access, roads, and pipelines, to large block surveys and multi-agency pipelines and power lines.
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