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About Us


Wyolectric, Inc. was started in 2004 with the goal of providing quality electrical, and automation services to Southwest Wyoming. Since then, we have grown to provide a full range of services in many different fields including: electrical construction, electrical maintenance, electrical service, oil/gas custody transfer measurement and calibrations, electrical automation installation and troubleshooting, gas sampling, safety critical systems testing and calibrations, as well as Infrared Camera surveys.

We have outstanding people, with specialized training, that offer top notch service and reliability. With over 75 years of combined industry experience, our team provides the competency and knowledge that our customers deserve.

Whether you are looking for a full service automation contractor, or simply looking to repair a faulty circuit breaker, we can handle it for you. No other company in our area offers the complete line of services that we do. Wyolectric, Inc. is the premier customer service based electrical contractor in southwest Wyoming.


Wyolectric, Inc. offers a wide range of electrical services. Whether it's an Industrial, Commercial or Residential application... We cover it all! We service everthing from low voltage phone/data cabling up to 5,000 Volts. Wyolectric, Inc. has experience in New Construction, Maintenance, and Service projects. With customer service as our top priority, EVERY project becomes our focus. Our team members are well trained, professional, and driven.


Infrared Camera Services
Electrical / Automation Services
Measurement / Testing Services
AVG Antivirus / Cloud Care Reseller